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The old time sailor’s dropped his anchor for good. This big ship’s opened up to patrons for heritage experiences on her wooden deck. Perched beside the lagoon, Arrmada offers breathtaking views under the beautiful expanse of the sky.
This restaurant takes its inspiration from the 60′s American Diner, complete with vintage cars, dining tables and sitting area. Go back in time and indulge in American comfort food to your heart’s content with the likes of fries, fried ,
Roberto the star lion Cub chef has pitched the circus tent under which he has started his own exciting restaurant. This super talented can cook up quite a storm.
The Imagicaa capital is an Indian buffet restaurant which not only offers you timeless cuisines but takes you on a gustatory adventure through the flavours of India.
Welcome to this African tribal outpost. Adorned with masks, artifacts and exotic tribal paintings, Zeze Bar+Grill takes you right to the heart of the majestic continent of Africa.