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Gold Rush

This exciting coaster will take you through the world of old American West. From the ravines and the ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol wielding outlaws and sheriffs.
This ripping ride will drop you from the height of 66 feet and send you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines at a thrilling speed of 65 km/h.
Apparently, this journey is not going to be an easy one. After all, surviving the Wild Wild West was always a rollercoaster ride!
Get your boots shining, as the Gold Rush Express, a Family Roller Coaster takes you to Wild West. From farmsteads to the hollowed gold mines, you will surely experience amazing heights and great depths. A great family getaway at Imagicaa near Mumbai Pune Express Highway.

Ride Restrictions
Min. height: 107cm (42″).
Pregnant women are not allowed.
View additional restrictions at the ride entranc
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