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5 Things to do at an amusement park if you are not a thrill-seeker

When you think of things to do at an amusement park, you almost instantly think of roller coaster rides and slides that get your heart racing. But contrary to popular belief, Imagicaa has endless activities for its more serene loving guests. Set against the beautiful Sahaydri Hills, Imagicaa Theme Park and Water Parktake the entertainment up a notch in India. If you are not one to enjoy thrilling rides or are travelling with aged parents who break into a sweat at the sight of dizzying heights, the theme park is packed with low-impact activities for you to enjoy. Imagicaa is all about having fun, regardless of how you choose to experience it.

Here’s a list of things to do at an amusement park minus the thrill:

Enjoy a Delicious Meal 

One of the hidden gems at Imagicaa is its multi-cuisine themed restaurants that bring global cuisines to the Indian palette. You can dine at any of the eight unique restaurants, 13 food kiosks, and 3 bars across the three parks. Love a good view with your food? Check out Arrmada, a pirate-shaped tapas restaurant, and bar beside the lagoon. Zeze Bar+Grill has exotic African flavours masked with Indian spices waiting to be washed down with a glass of cool lager. From cuisines ranging from North and South Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Pan-Asian, the theme park and water park also has a separate pure vegetarian kitchen for Jain meals. Food enthusiasts can add this to their things to do at an amusement park checklist.

Soak Up the View 

Set against the mighty Sahyadri Hills, away from the bustling city crowd, Imagicaa is a haven for nature lovers. Its neatly manicured parks, lush trees, and turquoise lagoons are perfect for basking around on a warm sunny day. Take a walk around the park, stopping at its many Instagrammable backgrounds to take pictures with your loved ones. Fulfilling all the requirements of an amusement park and more, the entertainment destination is a one-stop spot to enjoy nature’s bounty. Multiple ‘selfie points instated’ also can add to your things to do at an amusement park checklist.

Watch a Thematic Show 

Featuring India’s many firsts, Imagicaa has quite a few must-see theme park shows that pique the interest of guests of all ages. These indoor attractions can be enjoyed throughout the year and are perfect for stimulating your visual and auditory senses. The Detective Bow Wow Show will give you an experience of world-class animatronics as you laugh till your sides hurt. While I for India takes you on a unique IMAX experience giving you a bird’s eye view of the country’s exquisite beauty. Apart from these, Prince of the Dark Waters and Wrath of Gods are other beautiful shows to experience live theatrics with special effects and multimedia.

Staycation at Novotel 

Among other things to do at an amusement park, head to Novotel Imagicaa that offers an escape into the world of luxury and serenity. Set amidst nature, the hotel offers modern amenities and access to its four F&B outlets, swimming pool, ballroom, and gymnasium. An arm’s length from the park, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you spend a relaxing weekend at one of India’s most sought-after holiday destinations. The property has plenty of festive and weekend offers, plan well and snag good deals to make the most of your getaway.

Celebrate Festivals 

Did you know Imagicaa celebrates all major festivals, holidays, and calendar events with immense pomp and zeal? The park is decorated with theme-appropriate decor. You can avail of ticket discounts, access to meals at restaurants at the park, and more! If you’re not up for the rides, you can enjoy a long weekend at the theme park celebrating holidays the fun way.


Imagicaa theme park offers world-class rides and attractions that wow their guests beyond words. But there are plenty of other things to do at an amusement park besides its thrilling rides and Imagicaa is a proof of that. If you really enjoy the finer things in life, Imagicaa has quite a few hidden gems to enjoy and explore.

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