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  • Pre-book 33% off deal for Rs. 499
 with Easy Down Payment option
  • Pay rest when you visit within 1 year when Imagicaa reopens

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8 Health Measures For Coronavirus Your Wedding Venue Should Follow

July 8, 2020 - by Imagicaa

Over the centuries, wedding celebrations have undergone changes in every culture, but the essence of celebrating the love of coming together is eternal. Similarly, even if coronavirus has changed the way weddings would be held, the spirit of celebration will continue. Many of you have had to postpone your wedding due to the current COVID-19 situation which must have been disheartening.  

Wedding venue with Coronavirus safety

  However, in the post Coronavirus world, there are different rules and needs which are essential to follow for everyone’s safety. As we open, to host dream destination weddings at Imagicaa incorporating all coronavirus health measures shared by the Health Ministry, we wanted to share a few health measures for Coronavirus you should be aware of before choosing a wedding venue:  
    1. Sanitization

      Understand clearly about all the sanitization precautions undertaken by the venue. This would include venue disinfection pre and post-event apart from easy access to sanitizing stations, sanitized vehicles, etc. Imagicaa has installed touch-free sanitization machines across the venue for easy access.
    1. Thermal scanning

      As your guests may arrive from a different place, the venue should have a facility of thermal scanning at the entry point to help catch any early signs of infection. This is one of the essential corona precautions and is practised at Imagicaa.
    1. Medical team

      Wedding venue should have a fully equipped in-house medical team to address any health concerns that may surface to necessitate quick action. All health measures for coronavirus during the wedding are followed by us under the strict guidance of ICMR and WHO.
    1. Healthy Staff

      Ensure that they have strict protocols wherein the staff undergoes daily thermal testing and follows all safety protocols which includes wearing masks and gloves when engaging in activities; maintaining social distance, and frequently sanitizing their hands.
    1. Social distancing

      Venue should apply social distancing in the seating arrangements, at the catering, on stage by having proper markings and signs indicating it. During the celebrations, it is easy to forget about these norms, and hence, the venue must have clear reminders about these things. At Imagicaa, this is maintained everywhere from the entrance to sitting arrangements to the catering area.
    1. Virtual Wedding

      As weddings are getting smaller to adhere to coronavirus precautions; not everyone can be at your wedding physically. Live streaming is one way to involve all your loved ones to the wedding for which the venue should have the right, up to date technology and experts to make it possible. With Imagicaa you can stream a high definition virtual wedding.
    1. Prefer open-air location

      In an outdoor location, chances of spreading any infections are much less than having it indoors. Hence, choose this option if possible. We at Imagicaa, offer numerous possibilities of outdoor wedding venues.
  1. Catering

    Thoroughly examine the food preparation and serving process. We even encourage that you take a tour in their kitchen! Ask questions about how are the ingredients are rinsed and used to curb and prevent infection. As an effective corona precaution, Imagicaa ensures that the food preparation and service is as per FSSAI norms.
  Your wedding day is special! Keeping some of these key points in mind can help you make your wedding safe. Coronavirus has shown us that health is the most valuable, and at Imagicaa we care about yours & your loved one's wellbeing.   Talk to us to know if you wish to book your dream destination wedding venue as Imagicaa where all these protocols are followed strictly. Not only do we follow all the health norms but also break all the creative norms barrier to bring your fairy tale wedding alive!

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