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Best Birthday Party Celebration Venue near Mumbai and Pune – Imagicaa Theme Park

April 24, 2021 - by Imagicaa

Birthdays are always special occasions that fickle your heart with fun, excitement, and joy. Birthdays are not only memorable for kids but adults too. So, how about making your birthday extra-special? Ditch your same birthday celebration plans, put a full stop on chilling with your pals at restaurants and bars and, eliminate the movie and shopping plans by doing something different this time. But how? Of course, by blowing out your birthday candles at Imagicaa a magical destination. Every day is special at Imagicaa, and when your birthday coincides with a visit we ensure to make your B-Day memorable. Our birthday celebration ideas are wholesome with doses of fun and thrill. Come to Imagicaa, an off-beat location, and raise the bar for your birthday celebrations.




Birthday Ideas at Imagicaa are infused with fun and excitement:

Every day at Imagicaa is a celebration and some days are more of a celebration than others. So, when it comes to making you feel special on your B-Day, Imagicaa pulls out all the stops. Our thrilling rides, Instagram-worthy backdrops, lip-smacking treats, and that sense of nostalgia make for an unforgettable experience. Birthday celebration ideas at Imagicaa theme Park transforms your special day into a memorable one.

  birthday ideas  

We recommend you kick-starting your birthday in full swing by taking on our thrill cum adventurous rides like ‘Nitro’, ‘Deep Space’ and ‘Dare2Drop’.  And in the midst of all this grab your favourite Pasta, Pizza, cooler etc. to gorge on to reenergise yourself. Spoil yourself with our quirky merchandise goodies, t-shirts and more as everybody loves #TLC especially on their birthday. Eat to your heart’s content by stopping over at Imagicaa Capital with our wide ranging scrumptious buffet lunch. Continue the day exploring light momentum attractions like our uber cool indoor shows such as ‘Wrath of Gods’ or ‘Salimgarh’. Then move onto any of notable, click-worthy attractions like Snow Park, Eyelusion.


Freeze the Best Memories in ‘Snowy Avalanche of Fun’:

Best Birthday Party Celebration Venue near Mumbai  

Ditching traditional birthday parties for something offbeat like our very own Imagicaa Snow Park sounds crazy; but we assure you it’s not! Exclusive Snow Park tickets at an additional trifling amount permit’ you to unleash all the fun your heart desires.  Just frolick in the snow in freezing temperatures or click Insta-worthy pics of your squad ‘Snow Hiking’ or riding the ‘Toboggan’  before you burn the icy dance floor with your groovy hip-shaking moves.


Have Your Unique Snap-tastic, ‘Celeb’-ratory Moment:

  Best Birthday Party Celebration Venue near Pune  

You wouldn’t want your camera battery to die just about now. Cause you get to be a red-carpet celebrity by posing alongside 3D figurines of your favourite B-town actor at House of Stars; making your birthday extra special. Like honestly who else amongst your group can boast of snapping pics with celebrities on their birthday. Other photo-worthy attractions worth exploring are GlowMagica, Eyelusion and Projecto. Each attraction is unique in their own way from taking you around the world in under 30 mins to playing illusionary tricks worthy of capturing in your cam.  These amazing experiences can be availed at discounted rates with your Theme Park tickets.

End the day on a high note by chilling at Arrmada or the lagoon side and witness the colourful ‘Grand Imagicaa Parade’ whilst dancing your hearts out.


Birthday celebration ideas at Imagicaa theme Park


Your birthday ideas come true in our dreamland:

With limitless birthday celebration ideas our dreamy destination’ will make your birthday the one to remember forever. For any special B-Day arrangements like birthday cake or receive greeting from Stars of Imagicaa, our expert is just a call or email away to make it happen. Whatever birthday ideas you spring on us, we promise to make it extraordinarily special as we know you deserve nothing but the best.

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