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Explore the magic of Navratri celebration at Imagicaa

Navratri 2022 is right around the corner. And as you get down to practising your Navratri garba moves and looks to take your Navratri celebrations to the next level this year, Imagicaa theme park has got a truly magical itinerary set up for you.


Shop for brightly-coloured kediyas and chaniya cholis and head to Imagicaa theme park to celebrate Navratri. For all ten days of the festival, including Dussehra, the theme park will transform into the ultimate Garba ground. Trust us that the Navratri celebrations will be a perfectly-lit ambience, vibrant and high on energy and excitement.



Navrati Special Welcome–Colourful Riband Décor

Navratri celebrations is synonymous with vibrant colours specific to each day. Get ready to be welcomed with aesthetically beautiful multi-coloured ribands, fun backdrops that will make it the perfect selfie spot all through nine days of the Navratri festive. Imbibe the visual experience and get into the mood of all things festive.



Watch mesmerizing Navratri performances 

If you have been contemplating how to celebrate Navratri this year – you are in for a surprise. The amusement park’s Navratri special itinerary includes Garba performances by their most spectacular in-house performers and artists. Watch the dance troupes showcase new moves and blow your mind. Come and experience musical performances that will give you goose bumps with their sheer energy. 



Indulge In All Things Festive 

When Navratri celebrations are in the air, can the aroma of delicious food be far behind? As part of its Navratri special itinerary, expect a grand food fest at Imagicaa.  Dig into a feast when you choose to celebrate Navratri, the Imagicated way. With multiple outlets, you can find something for everyone! 



Grooving Garba Dance Sessions         

No Navratri celebrations can happen without energy-filled sessions of Garba. But how can you make it more stunning? Expect some of the best Garba numbers played for a melodious backdrop to your scintillating steps. From traditional favourites to the latest Bollywood numbers, the Imagicaa theme park Navratri garba night will have it all. With thrilling backdrop of India’s biggest theme park, you are in for a treat at Imagicaa Navratri special evenings.



Awaken the Navratri Dancer and Win

Stand a chance to win exciting prizes and be named the Best Dancer just by swaying to the funky Garba beats and showing off your moves. So come and show off your talent on the Imagicaa dance floor.


If you are looking for a Navratri special itinerary that goes beyond the regular, it is time to book Imagicaa tickets for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to grab special offers for early birds, college students, and group bookings to add more glitz to your 2022 Navratri celebrations  and memorable Navratri pictures. Go ahead, and enjoy ten nights of unlimited fun, excitement, and colour at India’s biggest theme park with your friends and family only at Imagicaa.

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