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Make the most of family time on these fun Imagicaa rides

Spending time with family is about spending time together and bonding. With some of the best theme park rides, Imagicaa can be a fun way to enjoy with family, bond with your tribe, and relive some of your favourite childhood memories again.


Let’s explore a few Imagicaa theme park rides to look forward to for adults and children:


Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr: Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr is one of the most interesting, adventurous, and visually appealing theme park rides, where a laser gun is your best friend. All you need is to board this Imagicaa ride vehicle with your group and save the kingdom of Gulabad from the 40 thieves who have taken refuge here. The minimum height requirement for the ride is 119cm or 107cm for children accompanied by adults.



Bump it Boats: Imagine the classic ride of bumping cars from your childhood. But Imagicaa theme park rides always have a fun twist to them. In the case of Bump it Boats, it’s the water. Hop on a water car and be ready to bump into your mates. Anybody over the height of 112cm can enjoy this ride. In the case of children, the minimum requirement is 102cm as long as an adult accompanies them.



Mambo Chai Chama: Chai is not just a beverage but an emotion in India. However, instead of drinking it, try sitting in a chai cup with your tribe. This uniquely named Imagicaa ride offers an equally unique experience of swirling cups to enjoy with family. The minimum height requirement for the ride is 107cm. However, children with a height of 81cm or more can enjoy it when accompanied by an adult.


I for India: Enjoy several marvels of India with a bird’s eye view in this spectacular film, shot from a helicopter. A film like no other that will take you to the interiors of Ladakh, show you the beauty of the Taj Mahal from a never-seen-before angle, and enamour enthral you with so much more! This ride is suitable for anyone over a height of 102cm.


Splash Ahoy: The Imagicaa ride Splash Ahoy is all about targeting opponents with water guns and saving yourself from getting drenched. Just ensure you abide by the minimum height requirement of 132cm and 94cm in the case of children escorted by adults to maximize the enjoyment of a friendly water fight.


Mr India: Enjoy your favourite childhood hero in the immersive motion simulation technology with the Mr. India ride. Have a reunion with Seema, Calendar, the kids, and the evil Mogambo in this screen experience that is unlike any you have witnessed before. Meet the minimum height requirement of 132cm as an adult or 102cm for children (accompanied by an adult) and have a face-off against evil.



Rajasaurus River Adventure: Now, who wouldn’t want to go on a journey back in time and meet Rajasaurus, a dinosaur mightier than a T-Rex! Take this flume theme park ride to experience this majestic era and plunge into gallons of happiness at the end of the ride. Anybody over 132cm can enjoy the ride though children with a height of 110cm or taller need to be accompanied by an adult.


Above Imagicaa theme park rides and several others are sure to entice you and your family members. Visit Imagicaa near Pune to celebrate a special occasion or to create one!

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