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How to enjoy rides this monsoon at Imagicaa Theme Park in Lonavala

The monsoon season is upon us! It is the most wondrous time of the year filled with lovely rains which accentuates the beauty of nature around us even more! In fact, it is the best time to venture out and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. And what better place than the rides in Imagicaa theme park to do so! It offers some amazing rides and attractions that are fun to explore even during monsoon!



Here are our two cents on how to make the most of the monsoon at Imagicaa theme park in Lonavala


Dance your worries away

Do you want to just run outside and start dancing every time it starts raining? Imagine having your friends and family right next to you along with your favourite dance numbers playing in the background, this theme park offers this exhilarating experience through their rain dance attractions Pop Jets at Imagicaa theme park



Prefer indoors? No problem

If you want to take a break from the rains and prefer going dry, there are a host of indoor attractions and rides in this theme park in lonavala that will fill you with equal excitement and thrill! Here is a sneak peek into our world of 6 non-stop thematic indoor entertainment which will transport you into a fun-filled atmosphere!



Deep Space

Experience this enclosed roller coaster ride which takes you into deep space between galaxies, planets, and meteors within a few seconds.



I for India

Journey across India in an IMAX experience and marvel at the country’s beauty as the ride takes you to the northern and southern tips of India, sitting right in your seats at the Imagicaa theme park in mumbai.



Prince of the dark waters

A 360-degree dome experience playing an underwater aquatic love story, what’s not to love? Get immersed in the story of Neera and Shera in this wondrous attraction.



Wrath of the Gods

If you are someone who loves special effects, live theatre, and multimedia, this attraction at the theme park will surely interest you! Experience the ancient gods come alive in this dramatic experience.



Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Imagine forty thieves parading through a magical city and it’s on you to target them all through laser guns! Enter the world of video games through this interactive ride. 



Motion Box Theatre

A one of its kind 4D Motion Simulator Ride that lets you enjoy the movie with special 3D effects. Other special effects, such as a seat simulator with speed control, vibration, aromas, etc., add to the charm.



To sum it up

Lastly, monsoon season is not over without gorging on some lip-smacking food like samosas or bhajiyas! Fulfil your monsoon cravings and much more as you enjoy the never-ending food options at this theme park in mumbai, perfect for the entire family.

Head over to Imagicaa theme park for an experience of a lifetime with your loved ones today!

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