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Longest Bollywood Holi Party Awaits You at Imagicaa!

India is the nation of diversity and festivals. But no other city compares when it comes to celebrating festivals quite like Mumbai. Its vibrant tapestry of cultures transforms it into a melting pot where traditions from across the nation coincide beautifully, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of celebration and unity. Holi in Mumbai looks a lot like its inhabitants—a million shades of colours painted all over the town, in a million different hues.


From the bustling streets adorned with colourful decorations to the lively gatherings where laughter echoes through the air, Mumbai truly comes alive during Holi. But if you’re planning to spend the festival of colours at a Holi celebration resort in Mumbai or a resort near Lonavala, why limit yourself to a single day of celebration when you can immerse yourself in a 5-day long extravaganza at Imagicaa Theme Park?




Imagine yourself swept away by the infectious energy of fellow celebrants and surrounded by a riot of colourful decorations! That’s how Holi at Imagicaa feels— a kaleidoscope of experiences, blending the vibrant festival with the electrifying thrills of a theme park and an unparalleled atmosphere of a Bollywood Holi Party. Here’s everything you need to know for a colourful week of celebration at Imagicaa:


Longest 5-Day Holi Celebration from 23 – 27 March in Mumbai


As they say, the more, the merrier! You may miss celebrating on festival day, but at Imagicaa, there’s no chance to miss out on all the fun! Unlike any other resort near Lonavala, the Holi celebrations at Imagicaa doesn’t stop for 5 days; which means non-stop celebration, adrenaline, feast and quality time surrounded by loved ones!

No city celebrates festivals like Mumbai, no park celebrates Holi in Mumbai like Imagicaa! Situated alongside the scenic Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Imagicaa stands as a beacon of festive merriment, welcoming guests from near and far to partake in its vibrant 5-day long Bollywood Holi party extravaganza. The sprawling grounds of the theme park are transformed into a playground of colours, where every corner tells a story of joy and jubilation. From the moment you step foot into the park, you’re greeted with the infectious energy of the festivities, setting the stage for an unforgettable Holi experience.


Unlike any other celebration, Imagicaa offers a thrilling mix of heart-pounding slides and rides, captivating shows, and immersive entertainment, all woven into the fabric of this Holi celebration resort in Mumbai.




Let’s Play Holi with Bollywood Holi Party DJs

Holi and Bollywood share a deep and inseparable connection that transcends generations and cultures. The festival of colours has long been celebrated in Indian cinema, becoming a recurring theme in numerous Bollywood movies. Holi scenes in films often serve as pivotal moments, symbolising joy, love, and the triumph of good over evil. These vibrant cinematic portrayals of Holi capture the essence of the festival, featuring colourful dance sequences, playful water fights, and joyous celebrations. Bollywood’s representation of Holi has not only contributed to the festival’s popularity but has also helped preserve its rich cultural significance, making it a cherished part of Indian cinema and society.


At Imagicaa, this bond between Holi and Bollywood is celebrated in grand style with the ultimate 5-day Bollywood Holi Party, hosted by international DJ Julia Bliss and other upcoming talented Indian DJs. It’s an homage to the iconic Holi celebrations depicted in Bollywood movies, offering you the opportunity to lose yourself to dance while celebrating your love for the festival of colours and the magic of the silver screen.


With pulsating beats and colourful decor inspired by Bollywood’s most memorable Holi musical moments, Imagicaa brings the spirit of the movies to life better than any Holi celebration resort in Mumbai. With beats that resonate with the heart of Bollywood, groove until your heart is full, surrounded by the electrifying energy of your family and friends, as you paint the town red, green, blue, and every colour imaginable and add an additional layer of joy to your Holi in Mumbai.




Splash into Festivities

Craving a respite from the vibrant chaos of Holi in Mumbai, yet unwilling to relinquish the infectious merriment? Imagicaa offers two oasis, each promising invigorating fun and a chance to reconnect with loved ones.


Dive into the heart-pounding embrace of the Wave Pool at this Holi celebration resort in Mumbai! Feel the adrenaline surge as towering, artificial waves crash against you, their playful roar echoing your laughter. With loved ones by your side, shriek with delight as you get swept off your feet, the cool waves washing away any lingering fatigue. And let playful competition unfold as you race with your crew, vying for the best “wave rider” title at this resort near Lonavala.


Yearning for a different kind of splash at this Holi in Mumbai? Then, follow your heart (and water gun!) to Imagicaa’s Rain Dance! Imagine a vibrant dance floor with cool, refreshing mist and pulsating beats thrumming your very soul—urging you to move, to sway, to dance under the rain like shower.


Feast on Flavours

Holi’s vibrant spirit spills beyond colourful showers and music, finding a delectable expression at Imagicaa. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a global gourmand, a sweet tooth or a health-conscious foodie, the park’s restaurants offer a symphony of flavours to harmonise with the festive fervour, better than any Holi celebration resort in Mumbai.


Indulge in steaming buffet delicacies at Ammos that tantalise your taste buds amidst the vibrant Holi festivities. For a global twist, you can either head to Sunbeatz for enticing wood-fired pizzas or wander off to Red Bonnet Diner for juicy specialty burgers that add a diverse flair to your celebration.


With vegetarian and Jain options available, Imagicaa caters to diverse dietary needs and preferences during Holi in Mumbai. So, let your taste buds join the celebration, embarking on a culinary adventure that elevates your Holi experience to an unforgettable feast for the senses.


Witness the Most Colourful Spectacle

Imagicaa is the perfect Holi celebration resort in Mumbai for those who wish to observe a dry, eco-friendly celebration. Throughout the week-long festivities, the Imagicaa Parade forms a central part of the festivities, injecting bursts of colour and energy into the Imagicaa Theme park alongside the adrenaline pumping rides and attractions.


Starting around 5:30 PM, the parade transforms the park’s main avenue into a vibrant procession of performers and characters, unlike any resort near Lonavala. You’ll spot the beloved Stars of Imagicaa, complete with masqueraded dancers and fairy tale favourites, all adding to the colourful spectacle. As it weaves through the park, passing popular attractions like the bridge, the lagoon, Arrmada, and Roberto Food Court, you’ll be swept up in the upbeat music, energetic performances, and chances to interact with your favourite characters. It’s a magical way to soak in the festive spirit and create lasting memories.


End your adrenaline-filled Holi in Mumbai with Imagicaa’s Fountain Show. A breath-taking colourful spectacle that unfolds at the park’s central lagoon, the musical fountain show serves as the grand finale to a day filled with excitement and adventure.


After sunset, experience a mesmerising 20-minute display that captures the essence of the festival with stunning visuals and lively music. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Imagicaa Castle, the show unfolds as a symphony of water, light, and sound. The laser projections ingeniously integrate vibrant hues and festive patterns, complementing the joy and vibrancy of a Bollywood Holi party without the need for physical colours—a beautiful and sustainable means to immerse in the magic and excitement of the festival.



Craving an unforgettable Holi experience that transcends the ordinary? Look no further than Imagicaa, a resort near Lonavala transformed into a vibrant wonderland for a 5-day celebration of colours, music, and joy. This isn’t just any Holi; it’s a Bollywood Holi party, complete with pulsating beats, dazzling spectacles, and the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Pick up your pichkari to prepare for playful water fights with your balam, dance endlessly to Bollywood tunes that ignite your soul, witness mesmerising shows that capture the magic of Holi, and let loose in the wave pool for a refreshing splash of fun. Imagicaa goes beyond the ordinary, offering an experience that’s safe, clean, and caters to all ages – families, friends, and solo adventurers alike.


But it just doesn’t stop there. You can step away any time from the vibrant chaos to explore exhilarating rides and attractions, all interwoven within the festive atmosphere, and immerse yourself in the colours of Holi in the form of thrilling adventures that is a unique blend of celebration and excitement.


Come, join the magic at Imagicaa and let the spirit of Holi ignite your soul at this resort near Lonavala. This is more than just a celebration; it’s an unforgettable experience that redefines safe, fun, and unique, making your Holi in Mumbai unlike any other. Book your tickets now and prepare to be swept away by the vibrant colours, pulsating music, and boundless joy of Bollywood Holi party at Imagicaa!

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