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Monsoon is no bummer for rides at Imagicaa

Who says roller coasters are just for summer or winter? If you’re looking to beat the monsoon blues and head outdoors, we’ve got the perfect solution: the indoor rides at Imagicaa theme park. The theme park rides deliver thrills for the whole family year-round! From exploring space in an indoor roller coaster to exploring the lost world of dinosaurs to flying across India, you’re transported to a world full of fun, excitement, and adventure! The best part? It’s effortless to plan, packed with unlimited entertainment, and so easy to have fun! Let’s jump in and see what your magical day at Imagicaa theme park in Mumbai holds. 



Flying experience across India 

It’s time to spread your wings and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime experience across India. As you make your way on I for India – the theme park ride, you’ll soar across snow-clad mountains, lush greenery, pristine blue waters, and some iconic buildings. The journey and the country’s beauty will be etched in your memory forever! 


Indoor roller coaster 

It’s time to suit up and prepare to take off on a journey on Deep Space, India’s only indoor dark roller coaster in this theme park. Buckle up because this thrilling theme park ride will launch you into outer space at the speed of light! You’ll be surrounded by brightly lit galaxies, stars, meteors and plants – truly an out-of-the-world experience! 



A motion simulator ride 

Movie buffs, this one’s for you – Mr. India is back! Time to join forces with Mr. India, Seema, and Kids to battle with Mogambo while you drop, bump, fly and drive right in your seat on Mr. India – The Ride. This one-of-a-kind immersive theme park experience truly helps you relive your inner superhero, fight the bad guys and emerge victorious.   


Underwater world 

Are you ready to explore a world within a theme park you didn’t know existed?. Come, and swim along with mermaids as they take you to their home and show you around in Prince of Dark Waters. Experience colours, creatures, and a world like never before! If you’re ready to be mesmerized, then this theme park ride is for you! 



An animatronic show 

Do you feel like you can solve crimes as well as Scooby Doo and his team? Let’s find out! Join Detective Bow Wow Show in his adventure. While mystery fills your mind, his jokes will have you falling off your seat in the unique Detective Bow Wow Show! 


Immersive experience 

Time to put yourself into Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones’s shoes and uncover the ancient hidden temple! When you enter, will the forces of elements viz, Jal, Vayu and Agni welcome you with open arms or unleash terror? Get on this immersive experience, Wrath of the Gods at Imagicaa theme park to find the answers. Good luck! 


An interactive ride 

Are you a video game fan? Do you love fighting villains? Then it’s time you get here and help Alibaba fight the Thieves. As you travel through the city, you will find the thieves hiding in a cave or the marketplace in Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr. When you find them, get out your laser guns and shoot them. Let the excitement begin at Imagicaa Theme Park in Mumbai!



A haunted fortress 

It’s time to put your scare-o-meter to the test! Would you dare walk through the haunted fortress’s eerie corridors across the torture rooms and dungeons in a theme park? Put your guts to the test within Salimgarh and see whether you will dare to enter and get out of there alive or chicken out. 



A river adventure 

Hop on a boat and get ready for the journey of a lifetime alongside Rajasaurus River Adventure and other dinosaurs. While your boat splashes, twists, turns, and makes its way across the river, pray you get home in one piece and that Rajasaurus doesn’t eat you for lunch! This theme park ride named Rajasaurus River Adventure is going to be the splash of a lifetime! 



To sum it up

With so much to do, your day at Imagicaa theme park will be full of entertainment and adventure. No matter the season, come rain or shine, you can enjoy world-class rides and a thrilling experience like no other. So the next time it is monsoon, head out to Imagicaa theme park with your family and friends.

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