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Nine Novelties for the Nine Nights to celebrate Navratri at Imagicaa

Navratri is here! Along with the goddesses who will visit your homes, your little princes and princesses too will be home for the Navratri vacation. As you set aside the nine nights to worship the nine forms of the goddess, you sure would be wondering what special things to do and how to celebrate Navratri?  How about immersing yourself in 9 unique experiences which are all the firsts in India?



Welcome to Imagicaa where even your imagination is not the limit to celebrations and fun! Here are 9 unique experiences to celebrate Navratri leading to 9 days filled with  Fun and Dance this year at Imagicaa.



1. Nitro

Let’s begin the celebration of Navratri with a bang, shall we? Get on the king of all roller coasters – the largest, fastest and biggest in India which sits pretty with a jaw-dropping height of 132 feet! Your Navratri celebrations are sure to get spiritual because the gravity-defying experience is sure to get you chanting the name Goddess Durga ! But the best part is travelling through five gigantic inversions that will provide 150 seconds of pure exhilaration.


2. I for India

How about seeing 9 wonders across India from a unique perspective to celebrate Navratri in Mumbai? Welcome to India’s only elevated, wide-screen show which provides you a literal bird’s eye view of the most stunning sights and architectural marvels around the country. The memorable ride has been created using some of the most advanced filming techniques from a helicopter.


3. Deep Space

Speaking of the nine nights of Navratri celebrations, how about a ride into space? Riding India’s only dark, high-speed, indoor roller coaster gives you an opportunity to explore the deep space from the earth itself! But the thrills of a rocket launch, escape velocity, defying gravity and experiencing near weightlessness gets you pretty close to reality as you shoot across the cosmos in your space capsule.



4. Mr. India – The Ride

As everyone indulges in the Navratri garba celebrating the victory of good over evil, it is time to participate in your own adventure of victory of the good. Get onto India’s first ever immersive ride, feeling and experiencing every bump, push and dip on screen as Mr. India ensures the evil Mogambo ‘Khush Nahi Hua’! Ride alongside Calendar, Seema, the kids and a new sidekick robot, Toota Phoota in Mr. Anil Kapoor’s iconic car and celebrate Navratri with a twist!



5. Rajasaurus River Adventure

A time travel to the Jurassic period on India’s longest and most exciting flume ride is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The fearsome Rajasaurus will have you dancing the Navratri garba in no time as you join the dinosaur-obsessed Dr. Roy in the quest for the greatest discovery of his life! This boat adventure ride with its unexpected twirls and whirls, twists and turns will keep you guessing in excited anticipation throughout.



6. Wrath of The Gods

It is only the protection of the Goddesses in the Navratri celebrations that will save you from the wrath of the Gods in this unique ride which is a blend of Live Theatre, Special Effects & Multimedia. This immersive experience is also one-of-a-kind in India and where the special effects have been breathtakingly rendered to make you feel like a real-life Indiana Jones!



7. Entertainment Boom

Navratri in Mumbai can never be complete without participation from Bollywood! Get treated to Navratri special performances by acrobatic dancers who would literally get you grooving with their breath-taking moves. We kid you not, these well-staggered dance shows throughout the day will be memorable for years to come.



8. Navratri Garba

The scriptures say that the entire creation came about due to the Maya (illusion power) of the Shaktis (Goddesses). Experience the same power of Maya in your celebration of Navratri at Imagicaa with a heart-thumping Navratri Garba session. As the sun goes down and the park comes to life aesthetically; put on your dancing shoes to show off your best moves and stand a chance to be crowned best garba dancer. Yes, you heard it right! Exciting prizes are in store every day for the groovy dancer!



9. Navratri Celebration ‘Special Instagrammable food’
Around the world is a reality for your little family with varied cuisines served! But experience a flavour explosion with the Navratri celebrations special food menu that will make you excited in the joy that you would want to Instagram it. Sure shot way to give your social handles a special Navratri boost!


Navratri is the perfect time for Imagicaa also because, trust us, even a weekend is not sufficient to experience and enjoy all the magic in the space. So what are you waiting for? Head out on the Mumbai-Pune expressway for a celebration of Navratri with a unique flavour.

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