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Relive childhood pirate fantasies at the Imagicaa Entertainment Park in Mumbai

Was it your childhood fantasy to hunt for hidden treasures on mysterious islands? Cruising through the Bermuda triangle wearing a pirate-inspired outfit screaming aye aye, matey! Well, at the Imagicaa entertainment park, you can relive all your pirate fantasies with your crew as you team up to save a distressed pirate friend stranded on top of the tower. Or choose to enjoy a relaxing meal at the theme park’s stunning pirate-themed tapas restaurant and bar overlooking the serene lagoon below and clear blue skies above. A fun take on the classic world of pirates, Imagicaa theme park rides are perfect for family adventures, romantic brunches, and reunions with friends.

Reminisce on your pirate dreams at the Imagicaa entertainment park:


The Splash Ahoy ride in Imagica theme park is the top pirate-themed attraction to experience. Hop on the armed pirate boats and drench your opponents using deadly water guns. Target other opponents, duck from enemy aims, and win the battle of fun. Beware, even as a bystander; you can be attacked with the water gun, leaving you drenched.

Save-The-Pirate is a fun family theme park ride that will help you tone your muscles as you row with all might to save your stranded pirate friend. You must row your boat as quickly as possible and get to the top because the first boat to reach the top wins. There’s plenty of pirating in this friendly contest; all you need is a bit of strength and dedication to reach the top before others do. Authentic wooden boats with state-of-the-art safety features are waiting to be guided in the waters of adventure in one of the park’s most family-friendly theme park ride.


Only at Imagicaa will you find both rides and restaurants to match your deepest fantasies.

Arrmada, a pirate ship-themed restaurant and bar, has dropped its sailor anchors here for good. Perched by the park’s serene lagoon, the ship’s sprawling wooden deck opens up its heritage scars for you to explore and relax with a beverage of your choice. Unleash the sailor within you and take in the expanse of nature encircling the restaurant.

Arrmada within Imagicaa Entertainment Park offers a scrumptious menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This thematic restaurant also has a fully stocked bar in case you decide to take brunch up a notch. If you’d like to grab a quick bite and get going to enjoy a ride in Imagica theme park; their soft sandwiches, salads, and freshly brewed coffee are easy energy boosters keeping you recharged for a good hour or two.


Want to experience a slice of Spain and its diverse history? Head to the Imagicaa entertainment park that offers a piece of authentic thematic Spanish paradise in India. Relive your pirate fantasies on its unique rides, grab a bite at the pirate-inspired boat restaurant, and make the most of your day at India’s favorite themed entertainment destination.

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