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Remake this exquisite treat in your home: Reliving your experience at Imagicaa Theme Park

July 30, 2022 - by Imagicaa

Imagicaa theme park is the biggest theme park in India, offering a wide range of rides and attractions along with dining and convenience facilities. The theme park is suited for both couples and small and large groups. Whether you head out for a one-day visit or a weekend staycation, Imagicaa has something for everyone. If you are a water baby, you head to the best water park in India at Imagicaa, and if you are a snow angel, you can visit the Imagicaa snow park. Wherever you go, you ought to make memories and click lots of photographs with your family.

Thematic indoor experiences
Imagicaa theme park offers many thematic indoor shows and attractions that are spread across genres and are based on designs and ideas that ensure everyone, whether old or young, has the time of their lives. If you want to recreate that experience at home, you can do so by arranging the pictures from your visit to Imagicaa using these few themes to replicate and enjoy a beautiful treat.

Prince of Dark Waters
Kids love the theme of a unique fairy tale of a mermaid and a cursed prince. At Imagicaa theme park, the attraction is displayed on a dome screen, emerging as a visual spectacle. To recreate the tale at home, get children to dress like mermaids and the prince. Use sea-worthy decorations in blue, purple, and white colours.

Detective Bow Wow
The detective is an incompetent detective searching for the thief who wants to steal the precious dragon from the biggest theme park in India. Create the mystery at home with clues for the little ones to decode. Appoint one child as the senior detective till they find the name of the thief.

Rajasauras River Adventure
This ride at Imagicaa’s theme park in India is worth experiencing to learn lessons about dinosaur evolution and ends in a mighty fun splash. You can get dinosaur mock-ups to decorate your living room and showcase the evolution of different dinosaur species. Plan a rain or pool party at the end for a fun and cool experience.

Mr India
Who can forget "Mogambo khush hua?" This ride in Imagicaa theme park is a tribute to the well-known Bollywood movie with another battle against terror. Bring in the props and a model of the yellow vintage car, just like the photo-op at Imagicaa, to relive the experience at home with your children.

Alibaba Aur Chaalis Chor
The Arabian folklore is one that most people have heard while growing up. Give children the task of saving the kingdom’s pride by completing certain mysteries, puzzles, and missions to restrict the forty thieves from hampering the treasures.

So, dive into the magical experience of the many fun rides in Imagicaa theme park. You'll love clicking lots of photographs to later preserve in a photo album and relive your experiences in the future. You can also take inspiration from the themes at Imagicaa to recreate the exquisite treat at your home. Imagicaa will charm you with its treasures and give you memories to cherish forever.

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