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Speak the language of love on Valentine’s Day at Imagicaa theme park

Have you heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words”? This Valentine’s Day week, go above and beyond for your significant other by expressing the beautiful language of love. The five popular love languages are quality time, physical intimacy, gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation. It doesn’t matter what language you speak to keep the spark alive in your relationship; all you need is to make that extra effort that truly counts. Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day is not for the faint-hearted, but what if we helped you weave a love story so sweet that your partner cherishes it for a lifetime?

Valentine’s Day love languages 

Words of affirmation  Love must be felt, but it must also be said. If your partner is an advocate of communication, take the opportunity of this love-filled week to express your heartfelt emotions. What better way to say I love you than with a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day at one of the most picturesque spots of Imagicaa? The theme park offers pure joy, idyllic spots, and unfiltered romance, everything your partner will love making this valentine’s day special’ in Mumbai. A small gesture makes an impact in strengthening relationships.

Acts of service If your partner appreciates the finer things in life, like you taking charge of holiday planning, surprise them with a spontaneous staycation! A much-needed break at the luxurious Novotel Imagicaa is perfect for unwinding in the lap of nature with a side of adventure at the theme park. This act of service is sure to stir up feelings of love because who doesn’t love breakfast in bed, a day of thrilling activities, and a romantic dinner later? One of the best places to visit in Mumbai on Valentine’s Day, Imagicaa has plenty of ongoing offers you can snag if you plan. 

Gifts  People love receiving gifts, especially the tangible kind. If that’s the love language your partner cherishes most, surprise your sweetheart with presents that perfectly encapsulate your love for each other. But on that note, if you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for the special Day, Imagicaa’ s gift shop will sort you out with the best Valentine’s Day presents. Each piece is meant to make your partner feel loved and appreciated and express all they mean to you, from clothes and bags to plush toys, mugs, figurines, and more.

If you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, Imagicaa can elevate your engagement day. The perfect location backdrop, dreamy date setting, and a cosy stay at the Novotel hotel later. 

Quality time  Priceless gift-like quality time is a love language that tops the list on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been spending time away, take a day off and give your partner your undivided attention with a day full of love and laughter. What better place than India’s favourite themed entertainment destination, Imagicaa, to create memories of love? Whether it’s the theme, water, or snow park, you will have a fulfilling day of uninterrupted romance. 

Intimacy Physical displays of affection like holding hands, leaning on your partner for comfort, or just being side-by-side will make your partner feel connected, safe, and valued. There are plenty of ways to express intimacy this Valentine’s Day at Imagicaa. Let the adrenaline-pumping rides bring you closer, themed restaurants reinstate moments of doting eye contact, and picturesque backdrops capture cuddly moments as fond memories to look back upon. 

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Special Offers

To all those celebrating love; Imagicaa’ exclusive Valentine’ Day package is a complete steal deal. From couple Theme Park tickets to enjoy the rides and attractions to enjoying candle-lit dinner to surprising your loved one with gifts to a photo souvenir as a reminiscent of the day. Bundling everything together, the package priced at ₹3999 + tax makes it value-worthy. Start planning and make the most of this deal between 11-14 February.


Valentine’s Day week at Imagicaa is all about celebrating love and its many languages. With themed restaurants, bars, and food kiosks, there’s so much you can do at the park to make the Day special for your loved one! The park’s indoor and outdoor attractions ensure a comfortable experience however you wish to choose to spend your time. 

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