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Explore different types of themes at Imagicaa Theme Park 

India boasts a mix of myriad civilizations, traditions, beliefs, and languages. Imagicaa theme park in India, represents modern-day India; bringing beautiful types of themes together in a seamless unison.


An entertainment destination, Imagicaa is the first of its kind to blend different types of themes within one premise and offer an immersive experience. Let’s get going and explore few of these iconic Indian and global theme rides or attraction that Imagicaa Theme Park near Mumbai and Pune offers, suitable for both adults and children.



Splash Ahoy 

Join the pirates on their boats armed with water guns as you combat opponents. Duck, dive, and dash around the spurts from the water guns of guests who take aim at you. An adaptation of age-old tales, Splash Ahoy, is customised to cater to guests of all ages. Take your parents along on fun entertainment laden adventure and watch them turn into children with you or their grandkids! 



The Detective Bow Wow Show 

Imagicaa is known to bring different types of themes that appeal to visual and sensory interests. This fun activity is by the incompetent international police detective Bow Wow who entangles himself in problems and uses his hilarious wit to solve cases by accident. Can you help Detective Bow Wow save Imagicaa’s precious Dragon and uncover the mystery?



Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor 

Inspired by Arabian tales, set out on an expedition through the Kingdom of Gulabad in an exciting, interactive ride. The sultan and his proud subjects are in grave danger, and it is up to you to help him hunt down the 40 thieves hidden in the city. Watch your friends and family unleash their inner child on a video game-like ride, collecting points to win exciting prizes. Load, aim, fire, and bundle up memories for a lifetime. 




Did you know that the Imagicaa theme park near Mumbai has a horror house inspired by a real-life fortress from 1546 AD in Delhi?


Take a thrilling ride through Salimgarh’s dingy dungeons, torture rooms, and gloomy corridors, but only if you have the courage. Packed with horror tales, would you dare to walk down the nerve-chilling paths of Salimgarh? If yes, head to the Imagicaa theme park near Pune to experience the dark realm. 


Imagicaa is a blend of live theatre shows, special-effect rides, and multimedia thrills inspired by the different types of themes be it Indian or global but brought together under one roof. From Arabia’s bare desert to Salimgarh’s grim corridors and onto the Spanish pirate ships, your tales of exploration will be something to share with everyone back home. The phrase Fun entertainment has a new address – Imagicaa.

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