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Top 6 Places To Visit Near Lonavala

Are you looking for a quick refreshing break from the chaotic city life of Mumbai? Look no further than Lonavala which is one of the most spectacular hill stations near Mumbai. Sporting nature in its peak glory, covered with tranquil serenity, the place carries a unique and magical aura that makes you feel peaceful and content. Other than being perfect for a romantic or a lazy trip, Lonavala can also provide some thrill and adrenaline rush to those who crave adventure. Continue reading to know the list of wonderful adventurous places to visit and things to do near Lonavala.

6 Best places to visit near Lonavala

1) Kune Waterfalls, a popular place to visit near lonavala:
Watching the water cascading down from a height amidst lush greenery is a sight that will leave a deep impression in your heart. As the 14th largest waterfall in the country, there is a lot more you can do here other than admiring just the natural beauty. The best part is that since it is in close vicinity, you can spend 2-3 hours here and then have a blast at Imagicaa. Zip lining, trekking, and hiking are other great activities you can indulge in for a greater and closer view of the beauty of the place. If you are looking for some outdoor activities in Lonavala then this is the place to be.


Things you can do: Swim or take a dip in the refreshing waters

Best time to visit: The glory of the place is at its peak during the monsoon season

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 4 km

2) Imagicaa, a must-visit Themed Destination near Lonavala:

When it comes to providing a wholesome experience of fun, thrill, and adventure all in one place, then there can be no better adventure park than Imagicaa. No matter whether you are looking for adventure activities for teenagers or adults; when here – adults become kids and kids transform into adults. Offering some of the best adventure things to do near Lonavala and with its myriad of attractions, visiting Imagicaa is the best way to relive childhood memories. Adventure activities like bungee jumping, etc. are one – time paid activities, but here at Imagicaa you can have unlimited fun by experiencing as many rides as you wish.


Things to do: Imagicaa is known for being a home to a lot of unique and exceptional rides like Nitro– India’s largest, biggest, and fastest roller coaster; Deep Space ride which is India’s only indoor high – speed dark roller coaster, themed attractions like I for India, Mr. India and a lot more. Bonus enjoyment comes packed as the 15000 sq. ft. Snow Park and Mykonos styled Water Park located adjacent that can be bundled with Novotel Imagicaa to experience a relaxing, 5 Star rated deluxe stay.


Best time to visit: It is not a seasonal activity destination. So, you can visit it whenever throughout the year and the fun level will remain super – high always.

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 27 km

3) Rajmachi Fort, a top historical attraction:
This ancient fort is a popular place to visit in Lonavala, situated at an altitude of 2710 feet above sea-level that is frequented by tourists because of the scenic beauty that it offers. Moreover, since Rajmachi Fort is well – protected and maintained, there isn’t anything one needs to worry about at all.

Things to do: Rajmachi fort allows its visitors to indulge in trekking amidst scenic beauty which is considered as one of the best things to do near Lonavala. Owing to the long trek, camping in Rajmachi is also a great idea.

Operating Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 15 km

4) Tiger’s Leap, a breath-taking view:
Resembling a tiger jumping off a cliff, Tiger’s Leap is one of the top attractions among travelers. The lush greenery, the eye-soothing clifftop views, peaceful valleys, refreshing mornings, and pleasant breeze gives it a magical touch. No matter whether you are a photographer, nature lover, or an adventure enthusiast, this place will prove to be a great choice.

Things to do: Witnessing sunrise and sunset views is a good idea here. Some of the adventure things to do in Lonavala that you can indulge here are rafting, trekking, and hiking.

Best time to visit: For best experience visit during the monsoon season

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 11.8 km

5) Sri Narayani Dham Temple, a religious haven:
Constructed with white marble, as the name suggests this beautiful temple is dedicated to Goddess Narayani. Apart from that, the temple houses shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganpati. There is also a pretty fountain in the temple premise adding to the overall beauty. Visiting the temple is considered as one of the popular things to do in Lonavala with kids and family.

Things to do: Offer your prayers and seek blessings of the almighty. Enjoy the peaceful and naturally beautiful atmosphere of the temple too.

Operating Hours: 6.30 AM onwards; last aarti at 9.45 pm

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 2 km

6) Kamshet – paragliders retreat:
Located at a distance of about 45 km from Pune, this place is a true natural beauty. Panoramic views of lush green hills are one of the attractive features for most of the travelers. Paragliding here tops the list of best adventure things to do around Lonavala. Make it an ideal weekend plan by enjoying a relaxing stay at Novotel Imagicaa followed by another exciting day at the Imagicaa adventure park!

Things to do: Indulge in paragliding and enjoy natural landscapes as you go

Best time to visit: Visit between October and June for the best experience

Approximate distance from Lonavala: 17.5 km

With so many fun places near Lonavala, there surely won’t be any dull moment, just like Imagicaa! We cater to all moods, tastes, and vibes. By end of your visit, you definitely would have gathered memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

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