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25 Things to do at Imagicaa, near Lonavala

In today’s fast paced world, the one thing we desire most is happiness and peace of mind. Both can be achieved when we spend quality time with loved ones thus stimulating and boosting the ‘happy’ hormones.

Moreover, being outdoors and undertaking physical activity in some form or another has proven to have significant health benefits too. But where can one find a place that encompasses all this under one roof?

Answer – Unlock the hidden treasure called Imagicaa near Lonavala that is an unparalleled ‘all weather entertainment destination’ that provides over 25 reasons and an international standard, magical, compelling experience for everyone at every step of the way.

Let us explore the 25 things to do at Imagicaa, near Lonavala and the unparalleled reasons set it apart from other holiday destination in India

5 Lonavala-Like Things to do at Imagicaa

Breaking free from the mundane routine with long extended vacations spanning a week or two has become a thing of the past. Job monotony, stress, hectic lifestyle, fear of missing out (FOMO) are the primary factors that are triggering today’s Millennial to seize any opportunity to travel for a short vacation or weekend getaway near Lonavala.

Hill stations like Khandala, Igatpuri and particularly Lonavala that are optimally located for quick drives and offer pleasant weather, waterfalls, multiple view-cum-selfie points, rental homes, street food, etc. are preferred. These destinations are therefore an easy choice when it comes to relaxing leisurely for locals in and around Mumbai and Pune.

Yet it is still not enough as Millennial today are seeking ‘Experiences’ i.e. activities which combine fun, excitement, adventure, thrill, etc. giving rise to the current buzzword ‘Experiential Travel’.

So if you’re looking for an easy weekend getaway and activities filled place that also emulates Lonavala then Imagicaa is just a short jaunt from it, off the expressway. The destination in its entirety offers a wide variety of options, filling your weekend with activities or things to do thus making it one among the places to visit near Lonavala.

So what’s in store for you? A 90 minute dream drive along the lush green Mumbai Pune expressway that holds the key to the 5R’s.

  • RECREATION – to unwind completely with loved ones and get your dose of with Thrill rides or simply relax and enjoy entertaining indoor family rides
  • RE-IMAGINE – Customary ‘Rain Dance’ ritual by immersing in unlimited showers at Imagicaa Pop Jets (Theme Park) and Imagicaa Rain Dance (Water Park) while swaying to the upbeat music and rhythmic rainfall
  • RELIVE – the innumerous waterfalls of Lonavala with the scintillating sound of cascading waterfall present at Imagicaa’s lagoon accompanied by the magical view of Imagicaa Castle or Arrmada
  • REVEL – by ‘Pooling’ in the fun as you take a dip and chill in Imagicaa’s wave pool under the open expanse and the rain droplets add to limitless aqua therapy for all ‘water babies’ or Baarish’ fanatics
  • RELISH – Comfort food like Chaats, Bhajiyaas, Wraps, Rolls, Samosa, American or Indian Burger( Vada Pav) etc. or be spoilt for choice with the myriad options laid out in a lavish buffet that are prepared and served hygienically and are the perfect accompaniment for any season 

All in all, these 5 R’s lets you experience ‘Lonavala Ki Groupbaazi’ in Imagicaa. So what are you all doing this weekend – Get packing and hit the road that leads to Imagicaa, near Lonavala.

A Thrilling Adventure Before Lonavala

Calling all adventure and adrenaline junkies from Mumbai, Pune or located near Lonavala who are craving thrill and are addicted to rush of excitement.

Imagicaa has the right mix of high thrill, adventurous based rides and slides. Those with strong tolerance-spectrum and appetite to test their own or their friend’s mettle will find plenty of opportunities here.

Secure your seat or bring your bathing suit and challenge your friends to check out these 5 exciting rides now!

  • HOT WHEELS NITRO – India’s first and only floorless rollercoaster ensures you experience nothing short of full-throttle of combined potential and kinetic energy. As it plummets, screaming from the peaks and holding hands through the dips is inevitable through the 132 ft. free fall. The ride turns less scary and more fun as you together laugh through the multiple inverted loops and the adrenaline pumps through every vein in your body with every twist and turn over the course of 2800 ft. track length!
  • SCREAM MACHINE – Does complete justice to its name as it sure-shot leaves you screaming at the top of your voice as you are flung sideways in the air. This pendulum based ride is the magnified version of childhood swing sets that spins, gaining momentum and reaches higher and higher proving that sky truly is the limit – like literally! Major hit as all friends can enjoy together while trying to outdo each other in screaming or braving the ride.
  • ALIBABA AUR CHAALIS CHOR – brings to life the Arabian folklore and tests your motor co-ordination a.k.a. shooting skills as you travel with your friends through the city of Gulabgad, fighting off the forty thieves as they appear. Aim, Shoot, Repeat! At the end, one who got the maximum hits can be crowned the winner, among you all.
  • LOOPY WOOPY – To a few, 39 feet vertical free-fall may seem like child’s play. But the twist that ride brings is launching your friends and you down an enclosed capsule of the same height. The drop is truly scary and incredible at the same time. But on a positive note, lets you flaunt proudly and bask in the never ending glory of the speed and exhilaration experienced.
  • ZIP ZAP ZOOM – This multiple lane water slide will bring out competitive side and make you compete all day long with your friends. What makes it exciting, are the unknown twists, turns and slopes that await you at every nook and corner as you slither down head first, engaging you all in a healthy race to the finish line.

Are your friends and you ‘Up For the Challenge’, yet?

Then get ready to brave the rides that are guaranteed to make you feel a rush unlike any other, raise your pulse and make you scream!


Being indoors is not always boring as there are always plenty of activities or things to do. And with the plethora of thematic indoor, extravagant shows at Imagicaa near Lonavala–this statement proves to be true. Spread across genres, the 11 multifarious indoor shows are completely built on original content, designed and ideated such that it ensures everyone from young to old, friends to family will enjoy to their fullest.

For families with kids, Prince of Dark Waters mesmerizes with its unique fairy tale of a mermaid and cursed prince that is relayed on a dome screen and truly is a visual spectacle. Those wanting to have their bones tickled Detective Bow Wow’s light-hearted, witty, snarky jokes are sure to keep you entertained.

For lessons in dinosaur evolution, Rajasaurus River Adventure is a must do, exciting flume ride ending in a mighty fun splash. While Mr. India – The Ride is an excellent tribute to the iconic Bollywood movie complete with props and vintage yellow car on display outside the attraction providing a perfect photo-op.

Offering a well conceptualized, true-blue, live theatrical experience is Wrath of The Gods that lands you, right in middle of a fantasy world of an archaeologist’s attempt to unearth ancient ruins and in the process invites wrath of the fire, air, water and earth Gods.

Enthusiastic and energetic young guns fear not as Imagicaa has several interactive attractions that will test all your motor and sensory skills.

Bringing to life the Arabian folklore that all of us have been bought up on or heard before going to bed, Alibaba Aur Chaalis Chor tests your shooting skills while a walk through Salimgarh’s haunted, eerie corridors to uncover its deepest, darkest secrets is definitely going to blow your wits.

But if adventure cum thrill is what you seek and are constantly on the lookout to do something different, then Deep Space rollercoaster is designed just for you.  First it plunges into complete darkness and then leaves you in complete awe as you travel through outer space exploring the varied elements of the galaxy.

Experience whirlwind and let out the ‘Crazy You’ as you get spun around by Mambo Chai Chama – The Crazy Teacups, a beautifully designed contraption.

Is this too much thrill and excitement?

Then fly across the country has been made easy with I for India simulator ride where in you can take in the magnificent, breathtaking views of key historical monuments. Or simply plonk yourself within Motion Box Theatre for an action-packed cinematographic visual treat.


With so much in store do you feel the crippling FOMO (stand for ‘fear of missing out’) setting in yet! Let it not get to you and list Imagicaa among your places to visit checklist near Lonavala and experience all that it has to offer.



Period starting November till February in India transforms into the most magical time as the cool winds especially from the mountainous or hilly areas allures one and all.


Typical winter activities include picnics, trekking, and camping, hiking, stargazing. However the list of activities or things to do during winter at Imagicaa near Lonavala is endless.


Kick-starting the winter fun at Imagicaa catapults you into a charming, nostalgic world of wonderfully bundled entertainment, sublime music and loads of fun.


November signifies the commencement of the diverse event line-up tailored for guests to enjoy the pleasant to chilly climate outdoors. At times, Diwali activates the festive season with glittering lights.


Come December, adorned with beautiful decorations, the place emits an amazing ‘Christmassy vibe’ during the day as it welcomes crowds of visitor’s young and old.  As the evening inches closer, the place comes even more alive. One can breathe in the magic of Christmas as myriad of outdoor gallery of impressive well -lit sculptures, colorful baubles; sparkling lights fill Imagicaa’s streets each year. A sight to behold!


‘Snap that Instagram-worthy photo’ with a life-sized Santa, elves, reindeer sleigh against the illuminated Imagicaa Capital and the Magic Carousel. Then you can stick around to enjoy the fantastic live entertainment ranging from special dance acts to acrobatic performances.


Winter celebrations continue well past Christmas, as preparations to ring in New Year’s Eve near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala, are undertaken in full swing. Differentiating NYE celebrations from commercial parties elsewhere are late night rides which allow guests of all ages to soak up the festive atmosphere and high energy of the park till wee hours. As a multi-tiered event, Imagicaa’s New Year Bash also includes scintillating, sundowner DJ party, fireworks display and mouth-watering delicacies.


Grand Imagicaa Parade – which is an amalgamation of colors, character mascots dancing to foot thumping music, skillful dance troupes demanding your attention and scores of glittering floats, inviting you to immerse in the festivities is the icing on the cake. Your favorite characters bolster enough festive cheer to grow one’s heart three sizes, guaranteed!


But winter seems incomplete without actual snowfall!


Well, do not be disappointed. Imagicaa Snow Park bedazzles you with beauty of real snow and sub-zero temperatures, all through the year. Choose between gawking at the astounding snow sculptures, playing in the drizzling snow, indulging in a snowball fight or riding toboggans.


A perfect end to a winter night is to take a stroll around the 130 acre park and then relax by the lagoon area, wallowing in the cool winds while perched on the benches.


Post an evening of revelry, few look to escape the low temperatures and cool climate with a quintessential, cozy retreat. Novotel Imagicaa within walking distance from the park is exactly that and a whole lot more. With world-class amenities and immersive environment the hotel spells and delivers comfort along with friendly character mascots that meet and greet you at breakfast.


Identifiably, the diverse and collective offerings add the ultimate ‘magical touch’ to your winter city getaway. No matter your preferences, there will always be something new and different for you to experience as Imagicaa will charm you with its idyllic atmosphere whenever you decide to plan your trip.


Simply put, Imagicaa is an enchanting ‘Winter Wonderland’ near Lonavala .

Imagicaa is going to be fun no matter what season you visit, offering an experience of a life time and instilling a spirit of ‘Joy of Living’.

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