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Visited Gulabad City within Imagicaa theme park yet?!

If you loved reading about the tales of Alibaba and the Chalis Chorr as a child, here’s your chance to relive it in person on a one day trip near Pune! We’re talking about the exciting ride inside  Imagicaa theme park  that not only packs in a great deal of adventure but also allows you to bask in childhood nostalgia.



This particular theme park rides’ journey is based on the backdrop of the iconic fictional story and entails a toy train that takes you across the city of Gulabad. However, it isn’t just one of the ordinary theme park ride through the idyllic folk world. Prep up; for you are required to make your way in by fighting 40 thieves!


As the burglars attempt to loot the kingdom of Gulabad, you must brace laser guns and target them. But it isn’t as simple! The thieves arrive out of nowhere (from behind the souk or under the cave), and you must shoot them on time. Armed with laser tag guns for the task; win points as you shoot the thieves down.



Theme park ride with ‘Mesmerizing Interiors’

In addition to the thrill of shooting, the Imagicaa theme park ride presents a great visual experience. Riders can gaze at the beauty of the closely replicated Gulabad kingdom, complete with unbelievable jewellery loots and other enchanting sights.


The theme park ride features a toy train that’s comfortable for both adults as well as children making it the best family ride. The make-believe world of Gulabad is further air-conditioned for comfort.


Best time to visit Gulabad City

Although you can visit Gulabad City at any time of the day when you’re in  Imagicaa theme park , we recommend you ride it when you just want to compete in a friendly duo. The ride doesn’t topple you over or demand much from you in terms of body movement, and hence it is a great idea to explore even on a full stomach!


To sum it up

If you’re willing to go on a one-day trip near Pune, consider heading to Imagicaa! In addition to fun-filled theme park rides such as the Gulabad city adventure, the destination includes a host of other rides, attractions, and activities to do. One can check out the Water Park and the Snow Park and indulge in culinary delights available at the many restaurants inside!


Make your way to Imagicaa theme park with friends and family for the feel of Arabia and have the time of your life now!

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