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Announcement For Change Of Company Name

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Mumbai, 24 April, 2020: We hereby wish to inform that with due approval from our shareholders of the Company and relevant Regulatory Authorities, the name of the company is changed



The Registrar of Companies, Mumbai approved the said change in name of the Company and issued a fresh certificate of Incorporation pursuant to change of name dated April 07, 2020.

The name change represents our quest to deliver delightful memories through best in class entertainment, the company’s values and aspirations of guests seeking exciting experience through its Unique and Exceptional Theme Park under the Brand name “Imagicaa”. The New name i.e. Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited resonates more with everyone including all the stakeholders because of its high recall value.

Although the company name has changed, our original business scope, company type, management structure, office address, and contact details remain the same. Please be assured we will be providing the very same quality of product and service on which we have built our reputation in the industry. All existing contracts and agreements are still legally valid.

We kindly request you to update your records related to us, with the changed name. All further, records of transactions, invoices and correspondence between you and our company must reflect our updated name i.e. Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited.