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Imagicaaworld Entertainment unveils new brand identity ‘Imagicaa’

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Imagicaaworld Entertainment’s theme park brand identity has undergone a renewal, unveiling a new brand name – IMAGICAA.

Change is the only constant and change is what makes us grow!
The destination and the brand, has evolved and grown tremendously over the past six years. Today as a whole it stands for – ‘Imagination, Excitement, Fun, Enjoyment, Attractions and Amazement!’

Additionally, guest reviews and research insights have underscored that consumers look for value and seek unique experiences. The quest to deliver delightful memories through best in class entertainment has led to positive consumer sentiments.
The additional ‘a’ at the end thus denotes both attractions and amazement, whereby addition of newer experiences has left guests amazed and wanting to come back for more.

Accordingly, the brand logo’s typography, colors, and illustration too have been changed to reflect the brand’s journey. Thoughtful consideration has resulted in the new logo comprising of two elements – Imagicaa logo type text and two rising stars.

  • Stars represent brightness, scale and imagination
  • Golden color represents joy & stability
  • Blue color represents tranquility
  • Orange color stands for excitement & fun

The new logo chosen not only conveys but also embodies our company’s values and aspirations of our guests.