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Here is how we make sure we bring world class standards to Imagicaa rides in India

Did you know that your favourite Imagicaa theme park is home to some of the finest rides and attractions? How? Well, the Imagicaa theme park rides are built with world-class materials by reputed manufacturers who are industry stalwarts.


The Imagicaa rides are designed with pure excellence, keeping in mind the thrill factor without compromising visitors’ comfort and safety. Here is how we ensure you are exposed to world class standards at Imagicaa!




Nitro is Imagicaa’s very own crazy rollercoaster ride that will send you into a frenzy of complete adrenaline rush. Standing tall at 132 -feet with over 2800 feet of track length, this ride is sure to take your breath away! Ever wondered who designed this masterpiece of a ride? A Swiss manufacturing company called Bolliger & Mabilard is the only company in the world to produce floorless rollercoasters. Anyone who has ever tried Nitro has had the most thrilling experience of their lives, all thanks to its amazing engineering and sturdy build.




Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr and Salimgarh

Imagicaa has managed to keep global standards in place while also adapting the rides to suit Indian tastes. Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor and Salimgarh are two interactive dark indoor rides of Imagicaa theme park that make you feel like you are playing video games, with the only striking difference being you feel like you are right inside the video game! All thanks to Sally Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of dark rides. Earlier in animatronics production, this company has given Imagicaa some of the best rides instantly loved by visitors!




Scream Machine, Gold Rush Express, and Crazy Tea Cups

Did someone say crazy? Welcome to Scream Machine, one of the Imagicaa rides on which you will definitely scream away with excitement as you hang in mid-air suspension on this pendulum ride. Gold Rush Express is another rollercoaster ride at Imagicaa that will take you to amazing heights and great depths, keeping the thrill factor high. The ride is based on the theme of old westerns. You will encounter ravines, ranches, and cowboys on this world class ride. The good old classic teacups attraction with a twist – Crazy Tea Cups is one adventurous family ride that literally has teacups spinning around in a frenzy! It is full of excitement, topped with loads of fun!


All three rides have one important thing in common – Zamperla, another popular ride manufacturer. Their expertise lies in providing creative designs along with cutting-edge technology, helping Imagicaa provide the best experience to its visitors!



Loopy Woopy, Zip Zap Zoom, The Screamer

Imagicaa has one of the best water parks in India. When you have iconic water slides like Loopy Woopy, Zip Zap Zoom, and the Screamer, all supplied by the world’s leading water park slide and play area manufacturer, White Water. Their rides are designed to last and ensure complete safety, making them an absolute favourite and known worldwide for their comprehensive product portfolio.


In conclusion

You will be amazed to discover the world-class perfection behind the Imagicaa theme park rides. Apart from meeting world class standards, they hold a special place inside the hearts of every visitor!


So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for a thrilling experience at Imagicaa theme park!

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