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Oktoberfest Extravaganza : A Festive Celebration like No Other

Save 25% on Oktoberfest exclusive package from 25th Oct – 5th Nov, 2023.

Let's raise our glass and toast to the joy of Oktoberfest!

Imagicaa Oktoberfest 2023 gathering promises to be an incredible experience filled with traditional German charm, lively music; indulgent, mouth-watering Bavarian cuisine, and, of course, plenty of refreshing beers. Get your Oktoberfest ticket @ ₹ 1699 1274* and get a complimentary beverage/mocktail/beer free OR Toast to Oktoberfest with exclusive BIRA Beer Offers that you just can’t miss!!! !

What you can look forward to:

Imagicaa Oktoberfest: The Essentials

Oktoberfest Delights - A Taste of Germany

Step into the enchanting world of Oktoberfest at Imagicaa Theme Park, where our iconic restaurant Arrmada will be transformed into a festive German wonderland. Our Oktoberfest decor and themed photo spots will create an authentic and lively atmosphere that will transport you to the heart of Germany’s most famous festival.

German Bites: A Taste of Oktoberfest Tradition

Whether you’re a fan of classic German fare or prefer vegetarian options, our Oktoberfest menu has something delicious for everyone to enjoy! Our special menu offerings ranging from vegetarian Curry Wurst to Half Roast Chicken to Schnitzel Chicken with Fries, one will truly experience Oktoberfest flavours that complement well with Beers!

Oktoberfest Jams: Keeping the Party Alive

Enjoy Imagicaa Oktoberfest as an unforgettable musical experience with live band and guitarist. Our talented musical artists will create the perfect atmosphere for you to immerse yourself in the Imagicaa Oktoberfest spirit. Get ready to dance, sing along, and celebrate with friends and fellow festival-goers while enjoying the great music.

Bavarian Challenges: Oktoberfest Game Extravaganza

Octoberfest games at Imagicaa Theme Park offer a blend of tradition, fun, and friendly competition. Join in the festivities and try your hand at Beer Pong, Ring Toss, Flip-a-cup and more exciting games!

Oktoberfest Dance Celebrations

This October Festival, Whether you’re a spectator or a participant, the special dance acts are sure to get you in the mood to celebrate! It’s a great opportunity to pick up some dance moves and immerse yourself in the Oktoberfest culture.

Cheers to Savings - #Brew-tiful Offer:

Our Imagicaa special Oktoberfest BIRA beer offers are designed to enhance your beer-drinking experience during the October festival, providing you with the opportunity to taste a wide range of beers and enjoy some cost savings along the way.